Hamlet at Gogol-center. Contemporary approach to Shakespeare

A few days ago I discovered for myself a new moscow theatre, which pleasantly surprised me with a fresh and prograssive views, public and perfomance. It’s an ex-theatre of Gogol, which was reconstructed into absolutely modern space and now named Gogol Center.
This theatre is managed by Kirill Serebrennikov and unites russiuan and foreign perfomances mostly of young authors and directors. Furthermore, lectures, exhibitions, video installations and other art perfomances are organized here. It’s a cultural place, which combines several types of art in one space.
So, the perfomance was directored by David Bobe, a french author of dramatization and scenography. It’s his second work in Russia. Previous direction was in the MHT of Chehov with spectacle Fairy. The second time he collaborates with theater troupe of actors Seven Studio (it formed from another project of Kirill Serebrennikov – Platforma, experimental course for theatrical figures).
It was a Hamlet. Classic creation was adapted by french playwriter into modern language and translated in russian. Besides language of the perfomance most of all it was underlined by expressive scenography with modern technologies, video installation,  grandiose music and sound. Music was great! There were tracks of Cinematic Orchestra, Patrick Matson, Dead Man’s Bones,  Nina Simone. In combination with dramatic visual pic it made a strong impression. A stage area was flooded with water, which strengthened the visual effects and stressed expression. And of course it should be noted brilliant game actors. Hawlet was genious! He was playing during 3 hours almost all the time on stage, his energy was over the edge. Actors kept in suspense throughout the performance.

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